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Offering The Very Best Service Since 1945!


About Us / History

Our family started in the dry cleaning business in the mid-1940s with a focus on providing the very best service. Since that time, Farrow Dry Cleaning remains family-owned and operated and continues with the dedication and craftsmanship that has made us successful.

It wasn't long before we expanded our product line and broadened our services to include complete disaster recovery and restoration, and widened our pick-up and delivery coverage area. But we found that our greatest commitment was to offer our knowledge and skills in cleaning – making everything we handle look JUST LIKE NEW.

While we continue to provide restoration services for draperies, blinds and fabric products for residential and business customers, we have renewed focus to our traditional dry cleaning business so we can continue our proud heritage of bringing fresh life to our customers’ clothes, furnishing and lives.

What Our Customers Need to Know

Farrow Dry Cleaning wants to share the reason why the type of drycleaning we do is still important. There are great reasons to bring your garments to us and here are some of them?


If you ignore that little tag inside some of your favorite and most expensive clothes, the one that says  “Dry-Clean Only", don’t take it as a suggestion. It should be read literally IF you want to keep your garments looking good for as long as possible. Bring it to us and we’ll make you happy.

Fancy garments are fragile

Anything that’s got sequins, beads, metal studs or has hand-stitching is NOT going to live through a wash cycle. Not only are small items likely to be damaged, but those trinkets could also do major damage to your washer and even your drainage system. We’ll make them twinkle, sparkle and look great.

Silk is picky

You might be able to hand wash some silk items but beware! Light ones tend to fade and, dark-colored ones can share their color – they may bleed and stain clothes and surfaces. Let us keep the color bright and where they belong.


Forget the old movies where the butler or maid does spot cleaning on suits. That probably won’t do the trick, and you’ll end up with a bigger spot or actually ruin the item. Let us keep your pants and jackets looking great AND add years to their life.

You can’t cheat a pleat

If you have an item that has pleats, it has to be dry cleaned. They include drapes as well as clothes. As the old TV saying goes – “DON’T try this at home”.  As professionals, we know how to keep your folds and pleats where they belong.

“I’m delicate!”

We know the label SAYS it’s safe to hand wash, BUT delicate fabrics, synthetics like rayon and chiffon, are very susceptible to shrinking. It’s best if you leave them in the hands of our pros.

Lining and interlinings – it’S complicated

All you have to remember is ANYTHING with a proper lining— dresses, jackets, skirts, drapes, etc. — needs to be dry cleaned. Trying to clean with water can cause a breakup with their interlining can make a Hollywood divorce look! Trust your lined garments to us and avoid a painful breakup.
We offer the convenience of at-your-front-door pick-up and delivery in the entire extended Shaker/Beachwood area. Choose pickup and drop-off text on what works best for YOU.
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