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The repair or replacement of drapery or window blinds seems like a simple task, but the process is not at all simple. Farrow Dry Cleaning has the background and training to handle any repair or replacement needed as a result of a fire or other disaster.

Track Design and Components

Most manufacturers design their track system to be relatively serviceable BUT they don’t spend a lot of money on sturdy or dependable parts. Frankly, most track systems are fragile and composed of parts and components sourced for the lowest possible cost.

Under the best of circumstances, blind and drapery track systems are fragile and can be easily damaged. When there is a major incident, like a fire or other catastrophe, it quickly becomes apparent that the most robust thing about them is the cost of replacement systems.

Most systems are used with various simple controls based on worm gears and very lightweight aluminum and plastic parts. To be fair, the reason for the delicate design is based on the assumption that rough treatment is not likely. In normal usage, the tracks work fine unless there is some unusual level of force used in their operation.

When there is a real misfortune like fire or other violent events, it would appear that the tracks will not be easy to repair. Without the right training, parts and tools they can be expensive to repair because it can take a lot of time to acquire parts and install them while trying to avoid damage during a repair.

We know how to make blind and drapery tracks work even if they have been involved in some severe activity because of years of working with them. This is very important because while the individual parts are not particularly expensive, a complete set of new replacements for even a modest structure can be very pricey.

Let Farrow Dry Cleaning do the Track Work

We have the knowledge and the parts to get the track done economically. As a general restoration contractor, you don’t need to spend the time and energy to repair or replace track systems while there are other types of work that pay better. We can either repair or replace tracks for a very low cost while our contractor customers can make a lot more money doing other things.
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