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We make 'em look JUST LIKE NEW!
Farrow Dry Cleaning has the experience to clean, repair, and recondition windows blinds to the highest quality standards for commercial restoration contractors. We have been cleaning blinds as well as draperies since the 1970s. Cleaning, and when necessary, repairing blinds and blind track and control; systems are all specialties of ours.

Blind restoration is something that most fire or flood restoration contractors don’t have the experience or time to do on an efficient or profitable basis. We offer complete refurbishment and cleaning for all types of blinds and will make the process simple and easy.
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Experience Counts in Blind Cleaning

Blind washing to remove soot and smoke damage is a highly specialized operation. Our experience allows us to be more efficient and cost-effective than most general contractors. Farrow Dry Cleaning can save time and money for contractors by applying techniques that we have developed over the years to not only handle the actual cleaning but also the refurbishment of the mechanical portions of virtually any blind system, including repairing or replacing tracks and other parts of the control mechanisms of the blind system.

Most blinds brought to us for restoration not only have smoke or water residue that needs remediation, they also have dirt and grime issues from everyday usage. We don’t just get rid of soot, smoke or water staining, we make sure that the blind systems will function “Just like New” and exceed the expectations of the end customer.

Window Blind Restoration & Repair

Our experience and training make all the difference. We can restore virtually any of the blind systems on the market, including brands like Hunter Douglas, Levolor, Kirsch, Bali, American Blinds, Select Blinds, Blinds.com blinds and others

We can repair and refurbish almost any type of window blinds including mini blinds, wood blinds, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds and others including the tracks used to control them. This is a critical issue for restoration since all blind systems tend to be fragile and difficult to reconstruct, but it’s something that we have the know-how to rebuild so that the newly-cleaned blinds will function as well as ever after they are cleaned.

Let our skilled artisans, with the right tools and years of experience, handle top-quality and speedy blind restoration for you.
We offer the convenience of at-your-front-door pick-up and delivery in the entire extended Shaker/Beachwood area. Choose pickup and drop-off text on what works best for YOU.
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