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We make 'em look JUST LIKE NEW!
These days, area rugs are used to make a statement about your style and reflect your taste. They bring style to your home or business and add focus to help pull together your design while offering beauty and comfort for you and everyone that comes into your space.

BUT, they only do that job when they’re sparkling clean. bright and look their best. Farrow Dry Cleaning offers professional rug cleaning that takes care of food, dirt, grime, pet hair and all the other things that can happen to your rugs. We understand that you want visitors and guests to keep their eyes focused on the beauty of your space, not a less-pristine area rug on your floor so we work hard at doing a great job of cleaning.

We are dedicated to being your preferred home rug cleaners. Our staff takes great pride in always providing high-quality, extra care and attention to detail when it comes to area rug cleaning. All of us have the same goal as you do, doing topnotch cleaning to restore your rugs to their original beauty.

We also care about your health and welfare. If you need help carrying your rug into our store, our team members are ready and willing to come to your vehicle and take care of the heavy lifting. We want every experience you have with us to be positive!
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First a simple fact – Area rugs need to be cleaned regularly to maintain their beauty and strength.

The recommended cleaning frequency is every 6 months to ensure that the cleaning will be effective.

Call us

You can let us know what type of rug you are interested in getting cleaned – size, age and when you would like to have it back as well as other details so we can be prepared to do the best possible job of meeting your needs.


Pricing is based on the size and condition

You need to have a clear idea of the cost and time needed to handle your rug.

Bring your area rugs to our store.

We will make sure that they are in good enough condition for you to have them cleaned. Bring your rug to us and we’ll look it over to make sure that it can be properly cleaned to make it “Just Like New.” (Sometimes time, grime and especially pets have made it impossible to get a rug back to its best. We would rather tell you that your item is not a good candidate than to disappoint you.)

You can ALWAYS get help unloading

Just let one of our staff know that you could use a hand, and we’ll take care of it for you.

Turnaround time

Turnaround time for professional rug cleaning can be quoted once we see the rug. We will do everything we can to meet any specific time needs that you have, but we don’t rush rug cleaning because of the need for cleaning and drying.
We offer the convenience of at-your-front-door pick-up and delivery in the entire extended Shaker/Beachwood area. Choose pickup and drop-off text on what works best for YOU.
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