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The Proper Fit - JUST LIKE NEW!


Farrow Dry Cleaning provides expert alterations for new and existing clothing. The way you look is the reason we buy and wear clothes. We want to look and feel like we are presenting ourselves to our best advantage.
Proper fit is the most important part of your image. If your clothes don’t fit well, it doesn’t make any difference what the color, style or brand is – they won’t look good on you.

No matter how carefully you select clothes, just taking something “off the rack” doesn’t mean that it will fit correctly. The same holds true for clothes that you have had in your closet for a while because not only do styles change, our body shape changes as well.

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Save Money AND Get the Look You Want

Many problems with fit are easy for alteration experts to fix. Getting pants hemmed, for example, is a simple and affordable alteration that we can easily and affordably handle. Older clothes that have shoulder pads or other no-longer-trendy looks can be updated without breaking the bank.

Before discarding clothes that are still useful or going on a shopping binge, come to us and get those clothes properly altered. It’s a simple way to improve your appearance quickly – without spending the money to buying something new.

Experience COUNTS

When you come to Farrow Dry Cleaning for cleaning, laundry or expert tailoring, you’re getting the benefit of years of successful experience and customer satisfaction.

There’s a big difference between a retail tailor who can perform simple, quick fixes versus one of our experienced, skilled and professionally trained tailors who can guide you on how a garment should fit your body. Granted, some issues can't be fixed, and it's important to understand two things – when NOT to buy something that doesn’t fit well in key areas AND when not to spend money on tailoring.

BEFORE you decide to try and fix something you have purchased that may not work, bring the garment to us and we will let you know whether it can be successfully altered. If it can’t, you can return it and get your money back.
We offer the convenience of at-your-front-door pick-up and delivery in the entire extended Shaker/Beachwood area. Choose pickup and drop-off text on what works best for YOU.
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