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The Perfect Shirt

We make 'em look JUST LIKE NEW!
You LOVE Enjoying the Good Life -- and Looking Good is Part of That!  Let’s face it, when you look good, you FEEL good. A well-laundered and ironed shirt gives you a great image. Plus most shirts, especially the cotton dress and casual shirts most of us wear regularly, should be professionally laundered so they’ll display your signature good look.

So Live It UP – and we’ll CLEAN it up!

With the Farrow laundering process, we guarantee your dress shirts and blouses will come back to you with the brightest whites and most vivid colors – with no mixing of the two!

We pay special attention to all details, right down to the cuffs and collars so you will look just the way you want. Let us help keep your favorite shirts looking great longer, even if you want a “casual every day” or golf shirt to look terrific – why not? You should look as good after golf or at that “casual” affair as do you during the work week.

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Why We're Different

In a word, we’re different because of our experience. This isn’t our first rodeo, we’ve cleaned tens of thousands of garments and helped many corporate executives with their careers because we know how to make them look better than anyone else. Our workers are trained to the same standards and levels of production that our family put in place when we started. Times change, but dedication to doing the best job and the desire to make our customers happy never do.

We believe you come to us to make an investment in your personal and professional image, and OUR image is based on how well your clothes help you achieve that image. You can trust us with all your garments so you look great for a board meeting, a first date or a wedding. Our experience will ensure that you look your best!

We can meet any of your requirements for your shirts:

Starch – The amount of starch in a laundered shirt is a matter of personal taste, just like adding cream/milk or sugar/sweetener to your coffee, there is a certain amount of starch - or LACK of it – that contributes to YOUR personal look. We will make sure that you get the exact look you want.
you can get your shirts ready to wear “your way” – either folded or on hangers. We know how to package shirts so they will stay fresh in your closet or on the go and be ready for making YOU look good whenever you want.
We know how to finish your shirts properly, no matter how fancy or intricate the design. We don’t believe in just “flattening out” every shirt the same way. YOU buy a certain look, WE make sure that your shirts are treated exactly the way they should to maintain their original look – the one that made you buy them.
If you’ve ever been in a hurry, pulled a shirt out of the closet and gotten it almost on only to – OOPS! – discover that it’s missing a button, you KNOW what we mean
We offer the convenience of at-your-front-door pick-up and delivery in the entire extended Shaker/Beachwood area. Choose pickup and drop-off text on what works best for YOU.
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