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We make 'em look JUST LIKE NEW!
Farrow Dry Cleaning provides expert restoration for many items that have been affected by sustained damage from the smoke from fire.

When a fire occurs there are two significant issues that need to be handled: soot and odor. Soot has to be removed first and then the odor can be treated. 

Insurance companies will be motivated to get restoration done rather than pay for replacements. This is not a negative for homeowners because except for severe charring or water damage, carpets, draperies, upholstered furniture and clothing can usually be refurbished after a fire IF the appropriate treatment is done.

Because of our experience, we know that successful restoration requires the use of the RIGHT products depending on the type of fire. Different types of cleaning products are needed depending on what caused the smoke - odor from wood reacts differently to certain cleaning products than smoke odor from plastics.

It’s important to say that poorly executed “remedies” can actually cause more damage than was done by the actual smoke. Virtually all homeowners just don’t have the knowledge to make the right choices for treatment. NO attempt should be made to clean any household textiles unless the proper procedures are followed.
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Why We're Different

Farrow Dry Cleaning uses a deodorizing process that actually breaks up smoke molecules to eliminate the odor. Clothing and other textile items should be deodorized before they are cleaned; otherwise, the smoke odor could be set in the fabric.After the deodorizing process has been completed, we dry clean affected items including clothing, rugs, drapes and other textiles.
We treat soiled clothing with a variety of methods. Not all smoke-damaged clothing can be the same way. Some clothing should be dry cleaned because of fiber content, dyes used in the fabric or incompatibility of fabrics such as linings and face fabrics.

However, in some cases, clothing may need to be subjected to a careful wet cleaning process, even though it is labeled “dry clean only.” Our experience and professional expertise help us determine when the garment needs to have one process used versus another for the best results.For complete color restoration or whiteness anywhere from two to five launderings may be required.Farrow Dry Cleaning knows what it takes to get items to look “Just Like New,”

We offer the convenience of at-your-front-door pick-up and delivery in the entire extended Shaker/Beachwood area. Choose pickup and drop-off text on what works best for YOU.
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