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Farrow Cry Cleaners has resources that offer leather cleaning and suede cleaning. These are services that we do not perform in our location. Rather than trying to add this expertise, we have found specialists who know everything that materials like leather require when it comes to cleaning and alteration.Because all work is performed at their facility, it requires a longer turnaround time because we must send garments to them the work to be done.
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Professional Leather/Suede 
Alteration and Repairs

Our suede and leather expert resource has professionals who can handle repairs and alterations for leather and suede garments as well as cleaning. This includes a variety of leather alterations and suede alterations, such as shortening leather and suede pants and coat sleeves.

Specialized Expertise in Cleaning

Our resource has experts who can successfully clean items like leather jackets very effectively. You can trust them for your leather and suede apparel needs. You can expect your items to look great after going through of their careful and thorough cleaning methods:

A Special Note about Suede

Our suede cleaning resource will help to ensure your suede shoes, coats and other suede materials are taken care of in a way that allows them to retain their longevity. The suede cleaning they perform aims to remove dry stains and oil stains, resulting in an even finish and renewed color once the cleaning process is complete.

Suede cleaning can be tricky, and it definitely isn’t something you want to do without having a professional. involved That’s why we have secured suede cleaning services from experts will make the effort to maintain your suede apparel’s aesthetic and increase its longevity

Vintage suede restoration can be done through an extensive residue and stain removal process that preserves the integrity of the suede while removing unsightly imperfections. Special services such as applying water repellant to suede garments to increase longevity and preserve the garment’s beauty over time are available at special pricing.

Careful Attention to Detail
Because we want to provide the best service, we found experts who can handle the cleaning processes required to properly treat the type of suede or leather to be cleaned rather than try to add this type of processing to our facility. Our resource is highly trained and equipped with the exact type of machinery and processes to provide high-quality results.
We offer the convenience of at-your-front-door pick-up and delivery in the entire extended Shaker/Beachwood area. Choose pickup and drop-off text on what works best for YOU.
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